06 July 2011

A long overdue post on the Casey Anthony verdict.

Well, three-plus years of speculation, lies, and bizarre behavior have been put to rest (supposedly).  Casey Anthony was found NOT GUILTY of brutally murdering her two year-old daughter, Caylee, in the summer of 2008.  She did not even report her missing for 31 days after anyone else last saw her.  Casey concocted a bizarre web of lies to explain the disappearance.  Caylee’s badly decomposed remains were finally found in December of 2008.  

Casey Anthony and her case has captivated the country for three years.  Sure, it died down between the initial shock/anger/etc but came right back to the surface when the trial began approximately 6 weeks ago.  There is no doubting that she is a pathological liar, and very narcissistic, but she was somehow acquitted.  
I thought that the prosecution did the best with what they had.  There was very minimal cold hard evidence that was found (no DNA or notable forensic evidence recovered that would connect Casey to the crime) and a lot of circumstantial evidence, which doesn’t always sway a nonpartisan jury.  Their fatal flaw, in my opinion, was charging her with murder one with the death penalty as a potential punishment.  They overcharged, and I think that could be a reason their case did not hit home with the jurors.  If I was responsible for bringing charges against her, I would have probably stuck with a lesser charge, such as aggravated manslaughter, first to avoid the taboo issue of the death penalty and second because of the lack of hard evidence that was found at the scene(s).  This is not to say that the defense had it easy; they were put in charge of defending this young woman who many see as an absolute monster.  They clearly put forth their argument effectively enough to get her acquitted of the most serious charges that were brought against her.
I was outraged when the verdict came out.  I have no doubt (and quite honestly I don’t think any sane person has any doubt) that Casey Anthony had SOMETHING to do with the death of her daughter.  But our justice system weighs heavily in the favor of the defendant, hence the whole “presumed innocent until proven guilty” mantra in law.  Perhaps the jurors simply did not have enough evidence to convict within the confines of the law, and that is why they acquitted her.  I certainly do not agree with this, but it is what it is and the case is done and over with.  She is due to be sentenced on lesser charges Thursday (most likely) and can serve a total of four years in prison for the counts she was convicted on (essentially lying and deceiving law enforcement).  She has served three years already.  Many are speculating that the judge will allow her to go free with time already served; however, I tend to think that he will make her stay in jail for a while longer, if only for her own safety.  There are many people out there who are absolutely livid with the verdict, people who probably wouldn’t hesitate to attempt to cause harm to Casey Anthony.  She has become an open target upon acquittal.  Media and paparazzi will be all over her (she will love the attention with her level of narcissism) and I think that the judge will take that into consideration when making his decision.   
I hope that one day the truth will come out about what happened to little Caylee.  She was such a beautiful child, and no child deserves to die at the hands of someone who is supposed to care for her, whether that be her mother or someone else.  For now, though, the Anthony family needs to heal, as much as they possibly can.  
God bless little Caylee, and rest in peace.  We know that you are watching down, shining your light down on us always.

19 June 2011

I am my Father's Daughter.

Stubborn, determined, hard working.  Quiet but a difference maker, serious but still fun loving and silly when the time is right.  I have his green eyes and most of his facial features, too.
As I reflected upon our relationship today, I realized that I get these things from him; they just aren’t my own developed character traits.  He has taught me well and I am blessed to have a role model like my daddy.
I may be nearly grown up, but I still need my dad (as was instanced by my knee surgery.  Every single morning he would come down and quietly put the CPM motion machine under my leg and turn it on—without disturbing my sleep that came seldom during that week.  I will never forget how caring and concerned he was during that time)…and am lucky he is still here to continue to guide me on the right path.  I know he just wants me to be happy.
I love you, Dad.  Happy Father’s Day to the best man and role model that anyone could ask for.

26 May 2011

Miracle Marathon.

Yes, I know I have been blowing up my Twitter and Facebook statuses today with stuff about Dave and Carole’s Miracle Marathon for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, but it is something that is very important to me.  I have never personally had to utilize the services that Children’s provides, but I know plenty of people who have…and the place is incredible.  Everything they do is FOR THE KIDS AND THEIR FAMILIES.  It is absolutely amazing seeing these doctors and nurses and support staff and nutrition staff etc etc etc at work, because they all care about kids.  
Whether it is treating childhood cancers, rare heart defects, genetic disorders, emergency situations, neurological disorders, GI problems, renal problems, premature births, birth defects, etc etc etc, you name it—Children’s DOES IT ALL.  Being in that place, visiting the kids, watching them smile through all of the pain they must be enduring…is absolutely heart wrenching but such a blessing at the same time.  We, here in Southeast Wisconsin, are so blessed to have a facility right here, at our fingertips, at our disposal, if we need it.  And if we personally don’t need it…there will come a time where you will be personally affected by it through someone you know.  Families travel from all over the country—and in some cases, all over the world—to be at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.  The doctors work around the clock to create specialized treatment plans for the child.  They will not stop until they have done everything they can for that child.  This incredible facility is an absolute Godsend here.
So, I urge you, if you can donate, whatever you can…DO SO.  Dave and Carole are broadcasting around the clock for the remainder of the day and tomorrow.  All proceeds go to supporting CHW’s mission of helping children.  Last year, donations exceeded $1 MILLION DOLLARS.  How incredible is that?!  My Mom and I will be answering phones tomorrow morning from 8:30a-12:30p to help support this most worthwhile cause.  I even answered a call last year where a gentleman singlehandedly donated $10,000 out of his own pocket.  Even a small fraction of that can make a HUGE difference.  Almost every hour is a Power Hour, where various Milwaukee-area businesses (and in some cases anonymous donors) match your donation DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR.  Some are even Double Power Hours, where your donation is TRIPLED.  The website for donation ishttps://www.chw.org/display/PPF/DocID/33082/router.asp or you can call 414-337-WKLH (9554) or toll free at 1-800-414-WHLH (9554).  
We are blessed to have a facility like CHW here…And I feel beyond blessed to be a part of this.  There is no telling when you or someone you love will need this place.  Be a hero, donate to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.  

19 May 2011

Exciting Times.

Last night, I contacted Apolo Anton Ohno, world class, gold medal winning Olympic speed skater, Dancing with the Stars champion (I would guess that Kyra singlehandedly made him win DWTS--she would call from every single phone in our home and then her friend's phones as well.  It was amusing. :)), and all-around good guy.  I did this on behalf of my sister, Kyra, who is basically infatuated with Apolo and the work that he does.  Kyra is a stellar student, athlete, friend, leader...and just all-around good person and if she could meet Apolo...it would be beyond her wildest dreams.  She is following her dreams, and I believe that Apolo's story and the work he does and his motivation...is a large part of why she is so determined and following HER dreams.  His book Zero Regrets has inspired her to keep fighting for her dreams and for what she believes in.  I am trying to get him to speak at her high school graduation, two years from now, in May 2013.  I can't think of anyone else who deserves this more...and I want to make this happen.

If anyone has other ideas as to how I can make this happen for her...let me know!  I have contacted him via his website and Twitter and once in a while I give him a Tweet...I plan on doing a handwritten (well, typed) letter a bit later in the summer...I really want to make this happen for Kyra.  She deserves it more than anyone I know.  Help me help make this girl's dreams come true!

10 May 2011

Reflections on the end of the year.

Perhaps it is a bit premature to be doing this, but these thoughts have been running through my head all day and I needed to get them down:
Thursday will mark the halfway point of my college undergraduate career.  It has gone so fast!  I cannot even believe how quickly things change…and even more so, how quickly these things happen.  It feels like just a couple of weeks ago I was just beginning college at Carroll, moving into a dorm with Heather and “making it” (faking it?) on my own.  And as quick as I moved in, I moved out (a semester later) and moved back home with my parents.  I don’t mind it…it saves money, but it impedes on a lot of things I can do on campus.  Another story for another day.  Then, I transferred to Marquette which is, I think, the best move I have ever made.  I LOVE Marquette.  I love everything about it—the location, the academics, the emphasis on the Jesuit style of teaching, the basketball, the people, and the list goes on.  I am so glad I made the decision to switch (and a tough decision it was).  For the field(s) I am going into, Marquette is the place to be around the Milwaukee area.  But half of college is over—finito.  Where does the time go, I ask?  I have so much to look forward to in the next couple of years…my classes are going to be focusing solely on my majors (political science and corporate communications) so they are going to be the things that really interest me and the things that I tend to excel at.  It is insane to think about.  I guess when I am in the moment, taking it day by day, things seem to drag and then when they’re over it’s like “hey, when did this sneak up on me?  What just happened?”  It is the weirdest phenomenon.  
With the end of the semester comes change.  For one, I won’t have to be up at the crack of dawn anymore…and I will actually have time for non-school related reading (which I am most excited about!).  I will be working at Mequon Soccer Club and Best Buy…and maybe an internship.  I still have applications out and am waiting to hear back from a couple.  Time will tell…but I am hoping it is going to be a busy summer filled with lots of memories.
I suppose it’s time to finish up studying for my 8AM theology exam tomorrow.  
Here’s to the end of school, and a new beginning…

02 May 2011

My Thoughts on the Killing of Osama Bin Laden

I am proud to be an American.  Yes.  After 10 long years, we have killed Osama Bin Laden who wreaked absolute havoc on our country on 9/11/2001.  It gives me hope that our country seems to have united over this issue.  For once it’s not right or left, Democrat or Republican…but simply American.  United we stand, indeed.
As I was watching the coverage of Obama’s historic announcement late into the evening last night, I was struck by something I never thought I would see: hundreds of thousands of young people, rallying on the streets of Washington DC and Times Square in NYC shouting “USA! USA! USA!”  It was a pivotal moment of sorts for people my age; this is what we have grown up with.  I was ten years old when 9/11 happened, so for over half of my life I have been hearing about terrorism and Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein and all sorts of extremism.  In a way, this is our generation’s D-Day.  We have conquered.  
I am so thankful to live in America, where I am free to be and where I am not held back.  Our troops protect us.  Thank you to all of the men and women who put their lives on the line so we can be free.  I appreciate everything you do; you are the backbone of our country.  Today, and always, WE SALUTE YOU.
And finally, to all of the people who say Bin Laden’s death was not justified and who say “God will judge”: if you condemn the death of Osama Bin Laden as an atrocity, you endorse the killing of nearly 3,000 Americans on September 11.  This man was the ringleader of an organization that is responsible for thousands and thousands of deaths of innocent people worldwide.  He is a terrorist.  If you can’t support the decision our President made to go and find this asshole and put an end to his life, please read up and think about WHY we did this.  Moreover, if you do not support our troops, please, by all means, feel free to go stand in front of them.  They protect this nation from zealots like Bin Laden and ensure that we have all of the freedoms we do…the same freedoms we are fighting for in Iraq and Afghanistan—for their people.  This is certainly not to say that this fight is over—there are plenty of extremists out there who still would love to destroy us.  However, Bin Laden was the poster child of the terrorist movement, and with him gone there remains a weakened link.  The fight has shifted, and perhaps an end is in sight.  
God Bless America on this historic day…and always.

07 April 2011

Let me be clear...

I love politics.  It is what I want to dedicate my life to in some way, shape or form.  But man, I am so sick of reading/seeing/watching about this WI Supreme Court race, how it’s a reflection on Scott Walker and the Budget Repair Bill, and the potential government shutdown.  
Politics has become less about the issues and more about who is in bed with who, so to speak.  In November, voters in Wisconsin overwhelmingly went for Scott Walker and other Republicans who wanted reform, particularly in the budget area.  The Republican’s voices were heard.  Now, there are efforts all over the state to recall politicians—Democrats and Republicans alike—basically because constituents don’t like what they have done.  If I recall my 8th grade civics class correctly, recall is reserved for a politician who did something illegal.  Republicans did not do anything illegal in the process of formulating and attempting to pass the budget repair bill—and according to multiple sources, the passing of it was legal (I am not a lawyer—yet—so all I can go on is what I have read from various news outlets, from all perspectives).  Now I don’t know the legality of it, and I won’t claim to, but the Democrats fled to Illinois to avoid a vote, which, while in my opinion, is a bit unethical, but I haven’t read/seen/found anything that says it was outright illegal (as in, a recall-able offense).  This is not the democracy I grew up with (and I am only 20!) and this is not the kind of democracy I want.  It shows the fickleness of our voters.  
As the WI Supreme Court battle plays out, it will be interesting to see how the recounters and certifiers will handle it.  I would imagine that it is no small task, and I hope that all of the people involved will use the most ethical behavior possible when determining this very important race.  Either way it goes—Prosser or Kloppenberg—a lot is at stake.  Depending on who comes out victorious, it will swing our Supreme Court one way or another, which could have a significant impact on the outcome of various legislations that are pending, namely the legality of the Budget Repair Bill (though I read that this matter should be settled long before the winner takes office).  
I hope for wisdom for all involved, and I hope that our country can figure it out and make some headway.  Each party needs to give a little and take a little in order to meet in the middle so we can avoid a government shutdown; something I don’t think anyone would like to see.
I will reiterate that I love politics, but it is frustrating to watch.  Albeit interesting, this “politics as usual” is beginning to make me a little bit upset.
On another note, I wish I could write a political blog every day.  I love it.

04 April 2011


Yep, the times are a-changing.  My life is changing.  I am changing. The people in my life are changing.  Change means a couple of things: things just don't remain the same, and sometimes things have to become different in order for them to be sound and for me to retain my sanity.  

Yesterday I did a thorough Facebook cleansing--where I went through my friends and deleted several who I no longer interact with.  Why does someone I barely know and have any contact with in my day-to-day life need to know or (and especially) care about what I am doing?  Why do I care about what they are up to?  Is this pure nosiness?  Stalking?  "Falking," (Facebook+Stalking) I think is what it's called.  Whatever it is, it's weird and unnecessary.  In this age of social media, it is interesting that we are often friends with 500+ people on Facebook and barely know half of them...and now our face to face communication is lacking because we sit behind a screen and expect it to suffice for human contact.  In case you were wondering: it doesn't.     

I have been finding out that the people who really matter are the ones who stick by you no matter what, and who aren't just there when they feel like it.  Everyone is busy, everyone has their own lives, but there is always time to be a friend.  Always.  Between homework and jobs and significant others and everything else, it can be difficult to balance things, but it is really unfortunate when friendships fall apart because one (or both) parties "doesn't have time" to nurture it.  Time is a restraint that we use as an excuse way too often.  "No, I don't have time to help you because I am busy."  "Even though I am aware you really need my help, I can't because I have to go to lunch with my girlfriend/boyfriend/other friend/family member."  "I know you have dropped everything to be there for me when I needed you but since I have something else that involves, you aren't that important anyway."  

Since my knee surgery, and especially in the couple weeks following it, I found out who my real friends were--the ones who didn't mind walking with a gimpy girl, the ones who came over and said hey, the ones who called just to see how I was, the ones who took time to even send a text or a Facebook message asking how I was doing.  I was surprised that in many cases, the people who did this were not the friends whom I thought would; they were the ones I least expected.  

Sometimes, I guess, life and the world have a funny way of working.  Life surprises you.  People surprise you, for better or for worse.  I guess that's what life is about: finding people you can count on.  We all need human contact and we all need friends to fall back on when the going gets tough...but I for one do not need the kind of friends we have grown accustomed to: the kind that are behind a computer screen, the kind that use you for whatever they need at the time.  It is ridiculous to expect people to reciprocate your actions--you do things for other people because you WANT to, not because you expect something in return.  But, sometimes it is okay to step away and realize that you are worth more than what they give you.  Have respect for yourself, and the rest will fall into place.  

And that is exactly what I am doing. 

01 April 2011


I cannot believe how fast everything is happening.  It just dawned on me that I am -almost- half way done with college.  What?!  I decided to stay in tonight to do homework (yeah, I know, on a Friday...but I have had a lot to catch up on in light of surgery.) and I ended up figuring out my schedule for next semester, which led me to wonder if there were any spots left for the Aspin Center for Government in DC for Fall 2011.  Sure enough, there are.  However, I don't particularly want to study "abroad" for an entire semester; it would really mess with my four year plan since in DC you take 9 class credits (3 classes) and then 6 credits worth of internship experience.  With a double major, it would be very difficult to stay on track if I went away for a semester and neglected my Corporate Communication major.  But, as luck may have it, it appears as if there may be spots open for Summer 2011...if there are, and if I get in, I would absolutely love to go there this summer and intern on Capitol Hill and learn all about government...I am really excited right now.  It is just weird to think that I only have four semesters left; time flies so fast.

In the infamous words of Ferris Bueller:

"Life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

31 March 2011

3 Week Update.

So it has been exactly 3 weeks--21 days since my knee surgery.  I am feeling absolutely phenomenal!  This week I am markedly improved from last week, and I continue to improve with my physical therapy every day.  On Tuesday when I went, I was at 0 degrees straight and 120 degrees bent...both were a struggle for me.  Today I was at -3 degrees straight and 124 degrees bent--without help!  (Post surgery, the goal is to be at 110 by 2 weeks and 130 by 6 weeks.  After the first couple of weeks, progress slows significantly...there is only so far you can push it.)

That is not to say I don't get frustrated.  I want to run again, and the exercises are tedious.  I am determined to keep improving, though.  I am in the market for a PT partner--someone who will help me and push me through, especially now that I am able to walk far distances (eg. more than like 50 yards at a time.) I just need to have someone with me in case I need them for whatever reason (I am still weak and unstable at times...strength will come in time, I am just super impatient.)

I am excited to see where I am going to end up.  It is a long journey, but one that is necessary if I want to remain active for the rest of my life.  I am grateful that I have been given this gift of a new start (for my leg at least!) and I will never take little things like walking and climbing the stairs for granted again.

25 March 2011

New knee=New Beginnings.

So I have failed to update in about two weeks...recovery from surgery is a long and tedious process.  I have good days and bad days; days where my knee hardly hurts at all and feels "normal" and days where I want to crawl into my bed and sleep until the pain goes away.  I am lucky to have such a fantastic support system by my side to help me along.  My family, friends, wonderful boyfriend...all have done so much for me and I am so grateful.  My doctor and physician's assistant are excellent, and my physical therapist is the best I have ever known and she pushes me to my limits every single day I go to see her.  I can't wait to be better, but the journey is pretty sweet and I have learned so much about myself through this unexpected experience.

Since I haven't been able to do a whole lot of physical activity except a little walking (hobbling), I have been doing a lot of reading and school work.  I have been mulling things over recently, trying to figure out how I can use what I like to do to make a name for myself and establish network connections.  I am searching for a job that will encompass my interest in communication and social media.  I want to be able to network and I feel like I do not know the first place to start.  I have been given advice by Danny's friend, Candice, who has turned into a sort of mentor and friend to me, too.  I created all of the sites that will hopefully help me on this journey--an about.me dashboard, a HootSuite...heck, even blogging was her idea!  I am trying to Facebook and Tweet about things that interest me, instead of just anecdotes about my mundane life.  It's an endeavor that I will keep trying to improve upon and get better at.  I am excited for where this journey is going to take me...it is time for a change in my life and this is EXACTLY where I want to make it.

11 March 2011


Surgery was a success.  They found more damage than they initially thought, so they had to repair that, too.  I will be on crutches for about 4 weeks and in a brace for 6-8 weeks.  Pain is relatively under control, but discomfort is expected and completely normal.

I thank God for the success, and I will never take the gift of walking for granted again.  You don't realize how vulnerable you are until you are basically helpless and relying on your mom, dad, and sister to assist you with everything you do.  I am blessed to have such wonderful people around me, willing to help.

My next goal is to make it to the Best Buy all-store meeting tomorrow.  It will be nice to get out of the house since I am going stir-crazy already.

Thank you for a new day.  <3

09 March 2011


Surgery is tomorrow.

I am a nervous wreck.

Which is why I am writing.

It has been a busy few days, between preparing for surgery, attending Military Ball, working, and studying for (and taking) midterms, I feel like I haven't had time to breathe.

However, that all changed this morning.  As we are aware, it is Ash Wednesday, a Catholic tradition.  I decided to go to 7AM mass at Gesu, this gorgeous parish right on campus.  Since the roads were terrible this morning, I was about 8 minutes late.  Naturally, I sat in the last pew.  It took a couple of minutes of getting settled, but I looked to my left and saw what appeared to be a homeless man.  His clothes were tattered and torn, his glasses looked they were from the early 1980s.  This guy was just sitting there, so quiet, so reverent.  He was praying, and praying hard.  Every time I looked over at him, his head was bowed, as if in a state of pure concentration.  As we started the Sign of Peace, he immediately reached for my hand and said "May the Lord's peace be with you today and always".  It nearly brought tears to my eyes.  This man, who probably literally has nothing except the clothes on his back, was wishing me, a middle to upper class white girl who is getting a stellar education, Peace.  He didn't ask me for money, he didn't act like he was downtrodden.  He was just there, worshipping with the rest of us, receiving Ashes.  It was a beautiful thing, and something that definitely put things into perspective for me.

My life, although I have some challenges coming up, especially with surgery, is not bad in the least.  I lead a brilliantly blessed life.  Like this homeless guy, I want to praise God and be as thankful as he was for the simple gift of today.

"Remember you are ashes and to ashes you shall return."

03 March 2011


I know I have been absent for a few days, but a lot has been going on and I have a lot of thoughts that I am not sure I am ready to share yet.  But, I am in the midst of writing a 6,000 word paper on Aristotle and am ready to take a break...this is the perfect way to do it.

I had a couple of blows this week: on Tuesday I went in for my monthly eyebrow wax and bang trim and found out that my wonderful aesthetician, Shelby, passed away at the age of 32.  Just a month ago, on January 25, I found out she had liver cancer.  She died four days later on January 29.  I know she is in a better place, and even though I only saw her once a month, she had this uncanny ability to make me feel at ease.  Her vivaciousness, spunk, and zest for life are unmatched by anyone I have met as of yet, and she is missed dearly.  I can only hope I am able to impact lives like she has.  Rest in Peace, Shelby.  May He raise you up, and know that our lives were all a little bit brighter because you were a part of us.  <3

On the same day, I found out that my Aunt Paula, who has been bravely battling ovarian cancer for over two years now, and who is an inspiration to me and my entire family, is now battling a new beast: cancer in her liver, one kidney, and one-third of her colon.  She will begin chemo again next week, and our family prepares to take this journey along with her.  I ask for your prayers for my Aunt Paula and my entire family, for wisdom, healing, and strength, but mostly that God envelopes us in His loving arms throughout this difficult time.

On another note, I am preparing for my ACL reconstruction surgery next Thursday--a week from today.  As scared and nervous as I am, I am excited to get it over with so I can start healing so I can begin doing the activities I love--running, playing soccer, doing yoga and Zumba, and just everything in between.  I know that I have a long road to recovery, but I am ready to take it on.

On a happy note, I was honored to be asked to attend Marquette's Military Ball with my blogging-brother, US Army Cadet Matthew Henke, which is taking place tomorrow evening.  It will be a fantastic night.  At the very least, I get to dress up in a long dress and feel pretty and go to an amazing event for some pretty amazing people.  It can't come soon enough.

Again, I ask for your prayers.  I know He answers them, and He will not abandon us in our time of need.

Until next time...

28 February 2011


If this guy doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will.  I want him. Hope everyone had a good day!  =)

27 February 2011

Student Section.

Today I went to the Marquette game.  Here are my top seven reasons why I love sitting in the student section:

1.  Feeling like I am a part of something isn't what I am typically used to.  When at games, it feels like we are all "united as one", however strange that may seem.
2.  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, wears gold.  It's like a wall.
3.  The cheers.  Goooooo, goooooo, go Marquette, go go go go!
4.  Sitting with my classmates, all together for one purpose--to support the team--our team.
5.  When we are way ahead and everyone starts shouting "ROB FROZENA!"  And when he gets to go in...he gets the loudest cheers of the entire game.
6.  When we are at the games, everyone forgets about all the stress--school work, home life, boyfriends/girlfriends...and we are all just there, concentrating on one thing: victory.
7.  Looking out at all of the fans--not just the students--and seeing how many Marquette fans came before all of us.  Recent grads, and grads from the 1950s...everyone still comes to support the team.  It is a beautiful thing...that even after years, people can still come to appreciate what the University gave them and come back and support the Golden Eagles (Warriors).  I love being part of a legacy.

WE ARE MARQUETTE.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.

26 February 2011


As I sit here writing this I am getting ready for a fun night with my roommate from last year, Heather, and the first two friends we ever met at Carroll.  It's hard to believe that my first day of college was already a year and a half ago and that this semester is already half over.  I marvel at how much has changed and how much I learned from just that one semester of living with someone (other than my family) and how many truly good friends I actually met.  Things changed rapidly and I moved home, but I am so grateful for that single experience of being able to truly be on my own for a while, making my own decisions without my parents there to tell me what to do or even to guide me in the direction they would have liked me to go in.  I am blessed to have all of these amazing experiences, even if they didn't turn out as expected.  I never knew I would be living with Heather and that we have talked about living together again at some point.  I miss being on my own, but I also enjoy being at home with my family (especially since the ACL incident).  There is something incredibly comforting about being at home, with the people I love most in this world...but I know there is a whole wide world out there that I need to get out and experience...after my knee heals.

I know this was pretty rambling, and I'm sorry.  There is just a lot of emotion with going back to Carroll, and I don't know why.  Maybe I miss it there more than I thought.

I will sign off with one of my favorite songs as of late...

"Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements even if they lead nowhere?"

25 February 2011

Note to Self.

Blogging instead of philosophizing will not get you an A on the exam.

24 February 2011


I have just come to the conclusion (after studying for a philosophy exam for 3 hours...I feel no more enlightened than I did before I began that little adventure...) that I really dislike philosophy, the kind that has to do with Plato and Aristotle.  I find them very dense to read, and I just plain don't understand it.  SparkNotes helps to decipher the jargon that is difficult to get through, but to me, it is just plain foreign.

On the other hand, though, it poses a lot of interesting questions...like why are we here and what purpose do we serve and where do we go from here?  I do not have an answer for you.  But I can share a few things I have learned, especially as of late.  I have some of my own personal anecdotes, which I guess I will tell you a little bit about tonight:

In a nutshell, I think that life is too short to be pissed off about insignificant things, even though I tend to get mad/upset/frustrated more easily than a lot.  Recently, my life has taken a few unexpected turns.  First, I did not expect to be at Marquette as a sophomore in college.  I was positive I would be at my home in Colorado enjoying the "Rocky Mountain High" that Boulder gives you.  Yes, I wanted to be a Lady Buff since I could say "Lady Buff".  Although I sometimes wish my life would have taken that path, I know that everything happens for a reason.  I did not expect to start playing soccer again...and I certainly did not expect to suffer a pretty devastating injury--an ACL tear that has thrown my whole life into a tizzy.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to crutch it around campus and drag your leg behind you?  I didn't either until this happened.  But you know what?  It's all okay.  The biggest I get into philosophy is that I know God will take care of me.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know God is a touchy topic, but He is an important part of my life.  Aristotle and Plato didn't teach me that, that's for certain.

So my take on the whole philosophy thing, what gets me through the day?  Be yourself, be happy, stand up for yourself, trust in God and you can never go wrong.

Another reminder, keep reading Matty's blog.  His perspective is not like mine at all, but he will ALWAYS challenge you to think, and thinking is incredibly valuable these days.  He is awesome, and you won't be disappointed, I promise.  http://wholedamnstreet.blogspot.com.

Until tomorrow...

23 February 2011


I must first begin by saying you should read my brother-blogger (and real-life pseudo-brother), Matt's stuff.  He puts an interesting spin on things...he will always cause controversy and give you something to think about.  Follow him at http://wholedamnstreet.blogspot.com/.

I have quite a bit I could talk about today...but I think I will focus on something that's not exactly about my day or how I am feeling or some ridiculous anecdote from my day, but rather something I have been doing a lot of thinking about lately: women's image, particularly body image.

I have been on a diet for a week and a half now, and I have lost that excess weight that I used to obsess over.  I mainly did it as a way to feel better about myself, but also in light of my surgery coming up and having to be basically sedentary for a while...I figured it might behoove me.  Anyway, in conjunction with the diet, I am reading the book that we bought to aid us.  While all of the recipes and advice from the doctor are fantastic and obviously work, I am troubled by the stories in it--stories from real women who hate their bodies.  I am the first to admit that I am very skilled at finding my flaws, no matter how small, but it blows my mind that these women absolutely HATE who they are.  It saddens me and I think it is a product of a larger problem--the pursuit of body perfection in society.  I could be generic and say that it's because of the standards that Hollywood sets, that being a size 00 is the only way to be if you want to be attractive or "hot", and that along with 00 come DD boobs, of course.  It doesn't work like this in real life (unless, of course, you have mucho dinero to spend on enhancement).  Young girls are basically groomed to hate their bodies from the time they realize that they have bodies.  TV shows like "Toddlers in Tiaras" perpetuate the problem, showing the young generation that they have to have a face full of makeup and be wearing skimpy bathing suits to feel beautiful.  What a bunch of bologna.  Girls see their mothers obsessing over their weight and they grow up thinking that's normal.  It's not.  How about a time where women simply accept who they are, and are good with it, as long as they are healthy.  Every woman is beautiful, regardless of size, and we should be able to realize this.  We need to break the cycle of body-hating and love who we are.  I would venture to say we would all be a lot happier if we did this.

Goodness, I love getting stuff like this off of my chest.

22 February 2011


There are so many thoughts in my head right now, it's hard to pick just one thing to write about.

Today, I was talking with one of my best friends, Matt, and he was telling me how he liked how I was just a down-to-business kinda girl.  He called me a "badass little spitfire".  Now, before you think "what the heck, that doesn't sound like a compliment...," allow me to explain.  Matt has known me since 8th grade and he is one of the only people I know that will be brutally honest with me and tell me when I am screwing up.  You have to appreciate someone like that, and having someone like that in your life actually turns out to be an invaluable tool, especially when you're screwing up, which turns out to be pretty darn often at this juncture in life.  As I got to thinking about the meaning of this "badass little spitfire" thing, I started to list off the reasons he might think this about me.  Ultimately, I decided that this little endearing nickname encompasses a lot of what I pride myself on being: passionate, down-to-earth, realistic, honest, and pragmatic.  Maybe, hopefully, that's what other people see in me, too. I am very much into the idea that girls can do anything guys can do, and maybe that's where he is getting the badass part from.  I don't really know.  I guess we'll have to ask him at some point.

At the end of the day, though, it's nice to know you have a friend who will inadvertently make your day.  It's strange how one thing someone says can kind of change your perspective on things, especially if it is clouded, like mine has been as of late.  Badass little spitfire is now the welcome banner on my phone--and a constant reminder of who I pride myself on being and even more so, who I am on my way to becoming.

21 February 2011


It is days like today that I am reminded of what good friends and a strong cup of tea (or coffee, depending on your specific tastes) can do for the soul.

This is my first post, and it comes on a day that has been anything but ordinary.

1.  Wake up, make breakfast, get ready for school.
2.  Leave for school and promptly run myself into a snowbank due to the fact that plowing is severely lacking in my neighborhood.
3.  Neighbor John tows me out with his giant gas-guzzling Suburban.
4.  Dad drives me to the main road where it's clearer.
5.  Everything is fine til I get off the freeway and slide and run into yet another snowbank.  A nice Milwaukee County plow man throws salt around my tires and pushes me out.  He then tells me I need new tires ASAP.  Not shocking.
6.  Arrive to school 85 minutes late, conveniently right when my first class is ending.
7.  Go to class.  WISN's Portia Young is interviewing my teacher.  We get to be on camera, too, answering questions about social media.  Sweet.
8.  Skype with my Spanish language partner, Cesar from Mexico.
9.  Go to my remaining classes.
10.  Come home without any unfortunate snow vs. car-related incidences.
11.  Make salmon, a rare treat, for dinner.
12.  Best friend from high school, Alyssa, calls and says she is stopping over.  Talk to Alyssa for an hour or so, the first time in forever.
13.  That brings me to now, writing this, and sipping a mug full of Teavana mandarin orange green tea.

The joy of Mondays.  I am grateful.