31 March 2011

3 Week Update.

So it has been exactly 3 weeks--21 days since my knee surgery.  I am feeling absolutely phenomenal!  This week I am markedly improved from last week, and I continue to improve with my physical therapy every day.  On Tuesday when I went, I was at 0 degrees straight and 120 degrees bent...both were a struggle for me.  Today I was at -3 degrees straight and 124 degrees bent--without help!  (Post surgery, the goal is to be at 110 by 2 weeks and 130 by 6 weeks.  After the first couple of weeks, progress slows significantly...there is only so far you can push it.)

That is not to say I don't get frustrated.  I want to run again, and the exercises are tedious.  I am determined to keep improving, though.  I am in the market for a PT partner--someone who will help me and push me through, especially now that I am able to walk far distances (eg. more than like 50 yards at a time.) I just need to have someone with me in case I need them for whatever reason (I am still weak and unstable at times...strength will come in time, I am just super impatient.)

I am excited to see where I am going to end up.  It is a long journey, but one that is necessary if I want to remain active for the rest of my life.  I am grateful that I have been given this gift of a new start (for my leg at least!) and I will never take little things like walking and climbing the stairs for granted again.

25 March 2011

New knee=New Beginnings.

So I have failed to update in about two weeks...recovery from surgery is a long and tedious process.  I have good days and bad days; days where my knee hardly hurts at all and feels "normal" and days where I want to crawl into my bed and sleep until the pain goes away.  I am lucky to have such a fantastic support system by my side to help me along.  My family, friends, wonderful boyfriend...all have done so much for me and I am so grateful.  My doctor and physician's assistant are excellent, and my physical therapist is the best I have ever known and she pushes me to my limits every single day I go to see her.  I can't wait to be better, but the journey is pretty sweet and I have learned so much about myself through this unexpected experience.

Since I haven't been able to do a whole lot of physical activity except a little walking (hobbling), I have been doing a lot of reading and school work.  I have been mulling things over recently, trying to figure out how I can use what I like to do to make a name for myself and establish network connections.  I am searching for a job that will encompass my interest in communication and social media.  I want to be able to network and I feel like I do not know the first place to start.  I have been given advice by Danny's friend, Candice, who has turned into a sort of mentor and friend to me, too.  I created all of the sites that will hopefully help me on this journey--an about.me dashboard, a HootSuite...heck, even blogging was her idea!  I am trying to Facebook and Tweet about things that interest me, instead of just anecdotes about my mundane life.  It's an endeavor that I will keep trying to improve upon and get better at.  I am excited for where this journey is going to take me...it is time for a change in my life and this is EXACTLY where I want to make it.

11 March 2011


Surgery was a success.  They found more damage than they initially thought, so they had to repair that, too.  I will be on crutches for about 4 weeks and in a brace for 6-8 weeks.  Pain is relatively under control, but discomfort is expected and completely normal.

I thank God for the success, and I will never take the gift of walking for granted again.  You don't realize how vulnerable you are until you are basically helpless and relying on your mom, dad, and sister to assist you with everything you do.  I am blessed to have such wonderful people around me, willing to help.

My next goal is to make it to the Best Buy all-store meeting tomorrow.  It will be nice to get out of the house since I am going stir-crazy already.

Thank you for a new day.  <3

09 March 2011


Surgery is tomorrow.

I am a nervous wreck.

Which is why I am writing.

It has been a busy few days, between preparing for surgery, attending Military Ball, working, and studying for (and taking) midterms, I feel like I haven't had time to breathe.

However, that all changed this morning.  As we are aware, it is Ash Wednesday, a Catholic tradition.  I decided to go to 7AM mass at Gesu, this gorgeous parish right on campus.  Since the roads were terrible this morning, I was about 8 minutes late.  Naturally, I sat in the last pew.  It took a couple of minutes of getting settled, but I looked to my left and saw what appeared to be a homeless man.  His clothes were tattered and torn, his glasses looked they were from the early 1980s.  This guy was just sitting there, so quiet, so reverent.  He was praying, and praying hard.  Every time I looked over at him, his head was bowed, as if in a state of pure concentration.  As we started the Sign of Peace, he immediately reached for my hand and said "May the Lord's peace be with you today and always".  It nearly brought tears to my eyes.  This man, who probably literally has nothing except the clothes on his back, was wishing me, a middle to upper class white girl who is getting a stellar education, Peace.  He didn't ask me for money, he didn't act like he was downtrodden.  He was just there, worshipping with the rest of us, receiving Ashes.  It was a beautiful thing, and something that definitely put things into perspective for me.

My life, although I have some challenges coming up, especially with surgery, is not bad in the least.  I lead a brilliantly blessed life.  Like this homeless guy, I want to praise God and be as thankful as he was for the simple gift of today.

"Remember you are ashes and to ashes you shall return."

03 March 2011


I know I have been absent for a few days, but a lot has been going on and I have a lot of thoughts that I am not sure I am ready to share yet.  But, I am in the midst of writing a 6,000 word paper on Aristotle and am ready to take a break...this is the perfect way to do it.

I had a couple of blows this week: on Tuesday I went in for my monthly eyebrow wax and bang trim and found out that my wonderful aesthetician, Shelby, passed away at the age of 32.  Just a month ago, on January 25, I found out she had liver cancer.  She died four days later on January 29.  I know she is in a better place, and even though I only saw her once a month, she had this uncanny ability to make me feel at ease.  Her vivaciousness, spunk, and zest for life are unmatched by anyone I have met as of yet, and she is missed dearly.  I can only hope I am able to impact lives like she has.  Rest in Peace, Shelby.  May He raise you up, and know that our lives were all a little bit brighter because you were a part of us.  <3

On the same day, I found out that my Aunt Paula, who has been bravely battling ovarian cancer for over two years now, and who is an inspiration to me and my entire family, is now battling a new beast: cancer in her liver, one kidney, and one-third of her colon.  She will begin chemo again next week, and our family prepares to take this journey along with her.  I ask for your prayers for my Aunt Paula and my entire family, for wisdom, healing, and strength, but mostly that God envelopes us in His loving arms throughout this difficult time.

On another note, I am preparing for my ACL reconstruction surgery next Thursday--a week from today.  As scared and nervous as I am, I am excited to get it over with so I can start healing so I can begin doing the activities I love--running, playing soccer, doing yoga and Zumba, and just everything in between.  I know that I have a long road to recovery, but I am ready to take it on.

On a happy note, I was honored to be asked to attend Marquette's Military Ball with my blogging-brother, US Army Cadet Matthew Henke, which is taking place tomorrow evening.  It will be a fantastic night.  At the very least, I get to dress up in a long dress and feel pretty and go to an amazing event for some pretty amazing people.  It can't come soon enough.

Again, I ask for your prayers.  I know He answers them, and He will not abandon us in our time of need.

Until next time...