02 May 2011

My Thoughts on the Killing of Osama Bin Laden

I am proud to be an American.  Yes.  After 10 long years, we have killed Osama Bin Laden who wreaked absolute havoc on our country on 9/11/2001.  It gives me hope that our country seems to have united over this issue.  For once it’s not right or left, Democrat or Republican…but simply American.  United we stand, indeed.
As I was watching the coverage of Obama’s historic announcement late into the evening last night, I was struck by something I never thought I would see: hundreds of thousands of young people, rallying on the streets of Washington DC and Times Square in NYC shouting “USA! USA! USA!”  It was a pivotal moment of sorts for people my age; this is what we have grown up with.  I was ten years old when 9/11 happened, so for over half of my life I have been hearing about terrorism and Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein and all sorts of extremism.  In a way, this is our generation’s D-Day.  We have conquered.  
I am so thankful to live in America, where I am free to be and where I am not held back.  Our troops protect us.  Thank you to all of the men and women who put their lives on the line so we can be free.  I appreciate everything you do; you are the backbone of our country.  Today, and always, WE SALUTE YOU.
And finally, to all of the people who say Bin Laden’s death was not justified and who say “God will judge”: if you condemn the death of Osama Bin Laden as an atrocity, you endorse the killing of nearly 3,000 Americans on September 11.  This man was the ringleader of an organization that is responsible for thousands and thousands of deaths of innocent people worldwide.  He is a terrorist.  If you can’t support the decision our President made to go and find this asshole and put an end to his life, please read up and think about WHY we did this.  Moreover, if you do not support our troops, please, by all means, feel free to go stand in front of them.  They protect this nation from zealots like Bin Laden and ensure that we have all of the freedoms we do…the same freedoms we are fighting for in Iraq and Afghanistan—for their people.  This is certainly not to say that this fight is over—there are plenty of extremists out there who still would love to destroy us.  However, Bin Laden was the poster child of the terrorist movement, and with him gone there remains a weakened link.  The fight has shifted, and perhaps an end is in sight.  
God Bless America on this historic day…and always.

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