31 March 2011

3 Week Update.

So it has been exactly 3 weeks--21 days since my knee surgery.  I am feeling absolutely phenomenal!  This week I am markedly improved from last week, and I continue to improve with my physical therapy every day.  On Tuesday when I went, I was at 0 degrees straight and 120 degrees bent...both were a struggle for me.  Today I was at -3 degrees straight and 124 degrees bent--without help!  (Post surgery, the goal is to be at 110 by 2 weeks and 130 by 6 weeks.  After the first couple of weeks, progress slows significantly...there is only so far you can push it.)

That is not to say I don't get frustrated.  I want to run again, and the exercises are tedious.  I am determined to keep improving, though.  I am in the market for a PT partner--someone who will help me and push me through, especially now that I am able to walk far distances (eg. more than like 50 yards at a time.) I just need to have someone with me in case I need them for whatever reason (I am still weak and unstable at times...strength will come in time, I am just super impatient.)

I am excited to see where I am going to end up.  It is a long journey, but one that is necessary if I want to remain active for the rest of my life.  I am grateful that I have been given this gift of a new start (for my leg at least!) and I will never take little things like walking and climbing the stairs for granted again.

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