27 February 2011

Student Section.

Today I went to the Marquette game.  Here are my top seven reasons why I love sitting in the student section:

1.  Feeling like I am a part of something isn't what I am typically used to.  When at games, it feels like we are all "united as one", however strange that may seem.
2.  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, wears gold.  It's like a wall.
3.  The cheers.  Goooooo, goooooo, go Marquette, go go go go!
4.  Sitting with my classmates, all together for one purpose--to support the team--our team.
5.  When we are way ahead and everyone starts shouting "ROB FROZENA!"  And when he gets to go in...he gets the loudest cheers of the entire game.
6.  When we are at the games, everyone forgets about all the stress--school work, home life, boyfriends/girlfriends...and we are all just there, concentrating on one thing: victory.
7.  Looking out at all of the fans--not just the students--and seeing how many Marquette fans came before all of us.  Recent grads, and grads from the 1950s...everyone still comes to support the team.  It is a beautiful thing...that even after years, people can still come to appreciate what the University gave them and come back and support the Golden Eagles (Warriors).  I love being part of a legacy.

WE ARE MARQUETTE.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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