21 February 2011


It is days like today that I am reminded of what good friends and a strong cup of tea (or coffee, depending on your specific tastes) can do for the soul.

This is my first post, and it comes on a day that has been anything but ordinary.

1.  Wake up, make breakfast, get ready for school.
2.  Leave for school and promptly run myself into a snowbank due to the fact that plowing is severely lacking in my neighborhood.
3.  Neighbor John tows me out with his giant gas-guzzling Suburban.
4.  Dad drives me to the main road where it's clearer.
5.  Everything is fine til I get off the freeway and slide and run into yet another snowbank.  A nice Milwaukee County plow man throws salt around my tires and pushes me out.  He then tells me I need new tires ASAP.  Not shocking.
6.  Arrive to school 85 minutes late, conveniently right when my first class is ending.
7.  Go to class.  WISN's Portia Young is interviewing my teacher.  We get to be on camera, too, answering questions about social media.  Sweet.
8.  Skype with my Spanish language partner, Cesar from Mexico.
9.  Go to my remaining classes.
10.  Come home without any unfortunate snow vs. car-related incidences.
11.  Make salmon, a rare treat, for dinner.
12.  Best friend from high school, Alyssa, calls and says she is stopping over.  Talk to Alyssa for an hour or so, the first time in forever.
13.  That brings me to now, writing this, and sipping a mug full of Teavana mandarin orange green tea.

The joy of Mondays.  I am grateful.

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